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30W DC/DC Converter Offers Low Noise, +/-0.5% Regulation

Features: Efficiency to 86% Ultra Low Output Ripple/Noise Output Sensing Regulation to +/-0.5% Output Synchronous Rectification 1500VDC Input/Output Isolation 2:1 Input from 18-36VDC Industry-Standard Pinout Applications: Process Instrumentation Medical Equipment Communications Data Acquisition and Control Systems The EBL30002 is a 30W Low Noise isolated converter, with an output of 5 VDC and a 2:1 input [...]

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50W DC/DC Converter Offers Wide 100 – 400VDC Input Range

Features: 4:1 Input of 100 - 400VDC 1KV Input-to-Output Isolation 50W Output Power Output Voltages from 3.3VDC to 48VDC Short Circuit and Thermal Protection Full Six-Sided EMI Shielding Frequency Jitter Modulation Reduces Noise Remote On/Off Control Compact 2.41 x 2.29 x 0.5 " Package Applications: High Voltage Transportation Applications 50W DC/DC Converter Offers Wide 100 [...]

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3W SIP DC/DC Converter Has 1KV Isolation, Low Cost

Features: 3W Industry-Standard SIP Efficiency to 80% 1,000 VDC Isolation Continuous Short Circuit Protection Single and Dual Outputs External On/Off Control Applications: Measurement and Control Systems Communications Applications Instrumentation Offering a low cost and isolated power solution, the FM3 Series is available in single and dual outputs from 3.3 to 15VDC, and wide 2:1 input [...]

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Ultra Low Noise 10W and 15W DC/DC Converters

Isolated Single & Dual Outputs Features:  10W and 15W Output Power Ultra Low Output Ripple and Noise < 5mV p-p Operational Efficiencies Up To 86% 1500V Input-Output Isolation Input Ranges From 9V to 72V Single and Dual Output Voltages Metal Case Construction with True Six-Sided Shielding Industry-Standard Packages and Pinouts Applications: Unmanned Underwater or Aerial Vehicles - [...]

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35W High Voltage Output Adjustable DC/DC

Wide Input Ranges from 9 - 144V,  Adjustable Output from 0-200Vdc Features: Less than 10mV Output Noise Efficiency up to 88% 2:1 Input Voltage Ranges of 9-18V, 18-36V, 36-72V and 72-144V Adjustable Ouput from 0-200V Soft Start Short Circuit and Thermal protection Six-Sided Shielding Applications: Telecomm Systems Data Acquisition and Control Systems Test Systems Burn-in [...]

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F-Series Low Cost 1W and 2W DC/DC

1W and 2W Output Power, Single/Dual Outputs, Standard Pinouts Features: 1.8Vdc to 24Vdc Output Voltages Single and Dual Outputs Efficiency up to 80% Input-Output Isolation Up to 3,000Vdc Industry Standard Packages and Pinouts Applications: Telecomm Systems Data Acquisition and Control Systems Test and Measurement Instruments Audio, Sonar Applications Beta Dyne's cost effective F-Series SIP DC/DC  converters  [...]

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