Ultra Low Noise 10W and 15W DC/DC ConvertersIsolated Single & Dual Outputs


  • 10W and 15W Output Power
  • Ultra Low Output Ripple and Noise < 5mV p-p
  • Operational Efficiencies Up To 86%
  • 1500V Input-Output Isolation
  • Input Ranges From 9V to 72V
  • Single and Dual Output Voltages
  • Metal Case Construction with True Six-Sided Shielding
  • Industry-Standard Packages and Pinouts


  • Unmanned Underwater or Aerial Vehicles – UAV, UUV, UAS, AUV
  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems
  • Test and Measurement Instruments

Ultra Low Noise 10W and 15W DC/DC Converters. Available in 2:1 input ranges from 9-72VDC, the LN Series offers single and dual outputs of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, and 15V at efficiencies up to 86%. Low dropout linear regulation results in +/-1% load regulation and output ripple and noise of under 5mV p-p. Input-output isolation is 1500VDC.

Metal case construction provides 6-sided shielding to limit spurious noise effects on adjacent systems. The LN Series is rated for full-load performance over the ambient temperature range of -40 to +75 DegC, and extended operation from -55 to +85 DegC is available on request. Custom configurations can also be provided – contact factory.

About Beta Dyne Inc.

‏With over 20 years in the power industry, Beta Dyne, Inc. has developed a wide range of unique and high performance power products, as well as a reputation for quality and reliability. Our combined strengths of in-house design and manufacturing have made us a leader in both standard and customized DC/DC and AC/DC products, and we continue to develop innovative and cost-effective power solutions for use across a broad range of applications.

Beta Dyne, Inc., with our home office located in Bridgewater, MA, is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of power products and specializes in DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, LED Power, and Switching Regulators. The hallmark of our products include: Low Noise, High Voltage, and High Power Density. We offer a comprehensive product line with over 1200 models and have developed over 140 additional Custom Products.


Ultra Low Noise 10W and 15W DC/DC Converters