Beta Dyne Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of power products and specializes in DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, and Switching Regulators. The hallmark of our products include Low Noise, High Voltage, and High Power Density. We offer a comprehensive product line with over 2400 models and have developed over 140 additional Custom Products.

Beta Dyne was established in April of 1999 and is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. Company headquarters—where Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, Sales and Marketing are housed—is located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Only ISO-9000 certified manufacturing facilities are approved for production assembly. These facilities are selected in the U.S. and abroad under strict audits by Beta Dyne and its customers when requested. All products are designed and prototyped in our local Bridgewater laboratory under stringent guidelines for design criteria. Meticulous attention is given to design margin, long life, and manufacturing ease. Our current design patent status is testimony to these disciplines. This provides our customers with the greatest value and the most reliable products available anywhere in the world.

Quality Control

Even the best designs, manufacturing techniques and process control programs will produce units that can have an infant mortality in the field. At Beta Dyne, we eliminate this infant mortality through our dynamic burn-in process in which all our converters are subjected to 48 total hours of dynamic burn-in.

The first 24 hours of dynamic burn-in occurs before the converters are encapsulation, and consists of 50% full load (or static load) and 50% dynamic (or switching load). The 50% switching load is applied to the output of the units at the rate of 100 times per second (100Hz). After the units are encapsulated with UL-Recognized (94V-0) potting material, they are burned in under the same loading as above for another 24 hours.

The flexibility of each of our independent burn-in racks—which can accommodate up to 750 converters each—allows for almost unlimited burn-in capability. The burn-in racks are designed not only to burn-in the converters at room temperature, but can also be used as elevated temperature ovens by using the heat generated by the converters and setting the adjustable thermostat to the needed maximum temperature.

Privacy Policy

Beta Dyne protects your privacy and strives to complete every transaction with the utmost security measures in effect. We use the information supplied by customers to process orders and to provide you with the best possible service.
Beta Dyne does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. All information gathered from purchases, surveys, newsletters and other online activities are used by Beta Dyne to track sales, maintain customer service and handle marketing-related issues privately and for the benefit of our customers.

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