Feel free to peruse and download PDFs from the following list of available Beta Dyne Application Notes. Don’t see what you need? Please contact us via one of these e-mail addresses; sales@betadynepower.com; info@betadynepower.com; or call us at 508-697-1993.

Application Note NameDownload Application Note File
DC-001: Testing Transient Response in DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-002: Common Mode Filters for DC-DCsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-003: Ripple MeasurementsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-004: Thermal Considerations for DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-005: SynchronizationDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-006: Synchronous RectificationDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-007: Methods to Increase the Hold-up Time of AC-DC or DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-008: What is so Great About Synchronous Rectification?DOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-009: Cooling High-Density Open-Frame DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-010: Output Voltage Adjustment In DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-011: Hot-Pluggability and Turn On Delay in DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-012: Paralleling DC-DC Converters with Output Synchronous RectifiersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-013: Redundancy with Low Voltage, High Output Current DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-014: Trimming the Output Voltage of DC-DC ConvertersDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-015: Dealing With Noise Generated by a DC-DC ConverterDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-016: Recommended Solder ProfilesDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-017: DC-DC Converters with Linear RegulatorsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-018: DC-DC Converters in Power Sequencing SystemsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-019: Output Adjustment of ARG3000 SeriesDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-020: Power Design Considerations for LED ApplicationsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
DC-021: Programming the AD35 DC-DC ConverterDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
RG-001: RG3000 Multipurpose Module Theory of OperationDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
RG-002: RG3000 Understanding Ring GeneratorsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF
RG-003: RG3000 Performance WaveformsDOWNLOAD THIS PDF