Functional Product Description

The high voltage adjustable AHV50 series DC/DC converters. The AHV50 series is a 50W multiple output adjustable converter with output voltage range from 5V to +700V or ±5V to ±350V when is set by the factory as single (unipolar) or dual (bipolar) respectively. It can also be set for 3 isolated adjustable outputs with the main output providing for line and load regulation and two tracking auxiliary output. The output is adjusted either from a 0V to 2.5V or voltage source or a 0-1mA current source. Standard features include 2:1 input voltage range 10-18, 18-36, 36-72, input to output isolation soft start, external synchronization input under/over voltage protection and output over voltage protection. Packaged in a 3×2.5x.75 copper case for EMI/RFI shielding and good thermal performance from -40 to +71°C.

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