Functional Product Description

The AD35 series is a family of 2:1 input voltage range DC/DC converters with a programmable output voltage of 0Vdc to 200Vdc when configured as a single output or 0Vdc to ±100Vdc when configured as a dual output. The converter offers excellent linearity, low noise, and high efficiency by utilizing Beta Dyne’s patented technology. The converter can be programmed from a 0–5V source such as a D/A converter or from its own onboard low TC 5V reference. Other standard features include input-to-output isolation, overvoltage protection, dual linear regulators, and thermal protection. The converter comes packaged in a 3.0×2.5×0.5-inch 30-mil copper case that allows for operation without derating or a heatsink up to 71°C. Custom input/output voltage ranges are available upon request.

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