Beta Dyne Power is a manufacturer of DC DC Converters and AC DC Power Supplies.

DC DC Converters and AC DC Power Supplies are manufactured and distributed by Beta Dyne Power.  Converters from Beta Dyne include Low Noise, High Voltage, Adjustable, and High Power Density. They offer power levels ranging from 1W to 150W, in single, dual, and triple outputs. Models are offered in SIP, DIP, and other industry-standard packages and pin-outs.

What is a DC to DC Converter? It is an electronic circuit that converts an input source from one level of DC voltage to another level DC voltage. It is a type of device that would, as example, covert a digital voltage level of 5 volts to 15 volts to power analog circuitry.

From standard models to custom designs, Beta Dyne’s converters meet the needs for miniaturized, low profile, high efficiency, power savings, high isolation, and low noise applications.  Converts are used in industrial, electronic equipment, telecommunications, medical, automotive, lighting, and other products and systems.

Beta Dyne Power offers a comprehensive product line with over 2500 power supplies and DC DC converters with more than an additional 140 custom designed products.

Beta Dyne Power is a full line manufacturer and distributor of AC DC Power Modules, Open Frame Supplies, U Bracket Supplies, Enclosed Supplies, External Power Adapters, and EMI Filters.

About Beta Dyne Power Inc

‏With over 20 years in the power industry, Beta Dyne, Inc. has developed a wide range of unique and high performance power products, as well as a reputation for quality and reliability. Our combined strengths of in-house design and manufacturing have made us a leader in both standard and customized DC/DC and AC/DC products, and we continue to develop innovative and cost-effective power solutions for use across a broad range of applications.

Beta Dyne, Inc., with our home office located in Bridgewater, MA, is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of power products and specializes in DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, and Switching Regulators.