Miniature Power Supply ALC Series are 8 Watt, AC-DC, PCM mountable, switching power modules.The ALC Series offers eight single output models with outputs of 3.3, 5, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 24VDC. The ALC Series also offers three dual output models with outputs of 5V/ Vr: 3.3V, 8V/Vr: 5V and 12V/Vr: 9V. This Series offer input ranges of 90-305VAC and 120-430VDC.

Miniature Power Supply ALC Series From Beta Dyne IncThe PCB mountable miniature power supply dimensions are just 1.48 x 1.11 x 1.08 inches and weighs 48 grams. The operating temperature range is 40° to +70°C. The ALC Series feature low ripple and noise, Class II Isolation of 3,000V, and minimum no-load watts less than 0.3W. The ALC Series have CE, UL Approval and provide a 3-year product warranty.

8 Watt ALC Series Switching Power Supply Module

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Miniature Power Supply ALC Series From Beta Dyne Inc