Industrial Power Supply ADF Series offered by Beta Dyne Inc.BetaDyne’s DIN Mount Industrial Power Supply ADF Series are 240W, AC-DC Din Rail Supply with 90-264Vac or 120-370Vac input range and DC outputs of 24V (ADF240-24S) and 48V (ADF240-48S). The supply cooling method is Free Convection. Each supply offers an output accuracy of ±2% with an adjustable trim range of ±2%.


The ADF series power supplies provide: Built-in DC OK Relay Contact, Short Circuit, Overload, Over Voltage and Over Temperature protection and have an operational temperature range of -40C to +70ºC. These supplies have a P.F.C. Function of PF>0.95, a high efficiency up to 93%, full safety certifications, and a 3-Years.Product Warranty. Compact enclosures conveniently mount to all standard DIN Rail systems.

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‏With over 20 years in the power industry, Beta Dyne, Inc. has developed a wide range of unique and high performance power products, as well as a reputation for quality and reliability. Our combined strengths of in-house design and manufacturing have made us a leader in both standard and customized DC/DC and AC/DC products, and we continue to develop innovative and cost-effective power solutions for use across a broad range of applications.

Beta Dyne, Inc., with our home office located in Bridgewater, MA, is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of power products and specializes in DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, LED Power, and Switching Regulators. The hallmark of our products include: Low Noise, High Voltage, and High Power Density. We offer a comprehensive product line with over 1200 models and have developed over 140 additional Custom Products.


Industrial Power Supply ADF Series offered by Beta Dyne Inc.